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Explore Skelly’s Favorite Haunts

Discover more than just peculiar history and scary stories

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Cortland Curiosities has added a new, wonderfully weird addition to our Strange & Forgotten History Trail. Say hello to Skelly’s favorite local haunts! Now, while you explore Cortland County’s odd and peculiar history, you will also find a haunts feature that leads you to a land of secret menus, eclectic shopping, and spooky stays.

Enter if you dare..

Each trail has a carefully selected proprietor whose goods and services continue the tail experience by tantalizing your taste buds, selling strange wares or offering a spooky stay. 

Salute to Mr. Seeber by raising a glass of his doomed last dink, The Sweet Feed, at a most unusual distillery. Feeling peckish? Enjoy an electrifying meal, The Croque Gillette. We have haunts that will set your taste buds on fire and brews that will quench the flames.

Fill your curiosity cabinet with creep-crawlies and your library with eerie historical tales. Shop vintage wear from Grace’s closet or discover what fate your future holds.

Searching for a ghoulishly good spot to lay your head for the evening? We have haunted hotels, ghost hunting at a dead & breakfast or a guesthouse near the dark woods where Cortland cryptids roam.

You can host a party at The Jewel Box, where Roni James Dio jammed, or a plan sultry soiree at a haunted Victorian mansion. The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination and your sense of adventure.

Here are just a few examples of some of our favorites! 


Cortland Beer Co.

Wandering the trail can work up a thirst. Crack open the crisp and refreshing Fire House Pale Ale, brewed in honor of some of Cortland’s bravest men and women! Enjoy it on the patio for a peek-a-boo view of Cortland’s unique firehouse.

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Gridley Hollow Honey

Get ready for some dirt road adventures in the name of devilishly good delights! Although they may not have discovered any honey in the tree, there is no reason you should go home empty-handed. Bring home a jar of Gridley Hollow honey for your own sweet ending.

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The Glen Haven Hotel

Are you brave enough to stay in Cortland County’s most haunted hotels? The historic Glen Haven has been hosting guests for well over 100 years, and some of them simply refuse to leave, becoming permanent paranormal residents.

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Hope Lake Lodge

Welcome to Hope Lake Lodge, a luxurious hotel nestled in the haunted hills of Virgil. Located just a stone’s throw from some of Cortland County’s most notoriously haunted sites, you’re sure to have a spooky good time. Happy hiking!

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Cortland County Visitors Center

Are you ready to rock?! Come find our tribute to local rock legend Dio in our Cortland-centric I-spy mural. Then pose for a selfie for proof of your misadventures!

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Grace Mural

While Grace’s life may have been tragically cut short, her memory long endures. “The Commute” is a signal box created by local artist Crystal Lyon. It is located on what was Grace Brown’s daily commute to the Gillette Skirt Factory from her boarding home.

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Artisan Elements

Curious to communicate across the veil? Perhaps you have a few questions for the Wickwire ghosts? Artisan Elements offers everything you need for your journey into the divining arts.

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Cinch Art Space

What’s better than a flea circus? A curious collection of creepy crawlies under glass. Cinch Art Space proudly hosts Insecta Etcetera, a curated cornucopia containing brilliant butterflies and beastly bats. Bring home a unique souvenir for your curiosity cabinet.

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