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Cortland Rural Cemetery

Location: 110 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY
(42.59392564571277, -76.18752388859042)

At 67 years of age, Chester was laid to rest in the family mausoleum with his son Raymond. Standing guard is a sculpture of young Raymond, playing with his prized yoyo, a child for all eternity. Chester’s loss was felt deeply for many years by the community and those who knew him.

While Cortland is glad to hold many of her citizens very dear, it is of no disparagement of any of the others to say that none of them fully fills the place occupied in the heats of the entire city that was held by Chester Franklin Wickwire.

The Cortland Democrat (September 16, 1910)

Could Chester’s sense of duty to the community, his love of family and home have tied him forever to the halls of this Victorian mansion? Does he indeed walk the widow’s peak at night, watching over Cortland and his Castle?

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