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Dasher’s Corner Pub

Location: 2 North Main Street, Homer, NY
(42.637261112466426, -76.17875764402737)

Patrick made his way to Doyle’s Pub (now Dasher’s Corner Pub), sporting a smile and a new haircut, looking especially good for his 64 years. After a pint of dark beer at the bar, he moseyed over to John Doyle’s office, where a cast of local laborers and farmers were discussing the current market value of cabbage. Patrick settled his 6-foot, 200-pound self into a chair and leaned into the small talk. Jovial, he boasted of his good fortunes. He had just received a tidy sum for his holiday birds.

After 10 minutes of friendly chatter, Patrick pulled out his pocket watch, remarked the time, and announced that he must be getting back to the farm. Polishing off one last pint at the bar, he pulled on his wool hat and slid out the back door into the darkness for home.

Quietly, as not to draw attention, two young men also left the pub, lingering for a moment under the street lamps.