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Sinfully Sweet Cafe

Location: 17 South Main Street, Homer NY 13077
(42.637318564656496, -76.177943778938)

One of the most endearing recollections of Sig Sautelle takes place in one of downtown Homer’s former confectionary shops.

In 1850, a young George heard the call to arms and bravely enlisted with the 18th New York Volunteers. Being just a tender lad of 14 years, he was given the title of drummer boy. While at camp, he made friends with a ventriloquist. In exchange for assisting him with odd jobs such as polishing the soldier’s boots, washing his uniform and writing letters, George was taught the tricks of the trade. Young George also learned to juggle and perform a few magic tricks, gladly putting on shows for the weary soldiers at camp. It seemed he was a born entertainer.

George, now the famous Sig Sautelle, would use these skills to tease the local school children of Homer, much to their delight, according to Life in the Finger Lakes.

“In Homer’s confectionary store, to give the impression of a man trapped in the basement, he would carry on a conversation through a hot-air register in the floor with a helpless voice below howling, “Let me out, let me out!” As the children gazed through the grate bewildered, Sig stood by with a twinkle in his eye.”