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The Glen Haven

Location: The Glen Haven at 7434 Fair Haven Road, Homer, NY
(42.766273, -76.267770)

While Grace suffered her panic in silence, Chester found himself celebrating Memorial Day at The Glen Haven. Though not with Grace. He instead spent the day with his friend William Short, his second cousin, Georgia Hoag and Iva Dufree, a seamstress from the Gillette Factory. Memorial Day was considered, at the time, the grand opening of the summer season. The south end of Skaneateles Lake would have been filled with all their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. For Chester to publicly present himself that weekend in such a splendid manner with another woman was devastating to Grace. From this moment forward, desperate darkness crept into Grace’s heart.

Grace, in an incredibly vulnerable letter to Chester, wrote:

I have often heard the saying, “It never rains but it pours”, but I never knew what it meant until today…Everything worries me and I am so frightened, dear.

Trial manuscripts pages 1018-1020